Monday, August 18, 2008

My very 1st Birthday in UTM

My celebration for year 2008 is totally different from the years b4 this..because..i celebrated my 2o year old birthday in UTM, Johor..a far far away Uni fr the place where i used to be celebrated-->Teluk Intan..However, i m very happy that i hv friends in UTM to celebrate v me..(althought that day stil hv test to be done)..but the funniest thing is the preparation of my 'dearest roomate' to give me surprise..the conversation is as follow:

11/8/08   11:50a.m.

dao ming sin: "hey, wyeyan, i wana brush teeth now.."(then she walked out of our room with her bakul) after few minutes, the light in my room being swicthed off and my UTM friends came in v two "slices" of cakes(because it is hard to buy a perfect cake in UTM) and a present.....(the left hand side is my birthday present)...they choose this present is because i hv a same brand small handphone beg(the centre one) cute they r huh!!


watever cake is it, im very happy v it..thanks friends..thanks for celebrating v me...

besides, thanks for the sms wishes from all my friends..thanks..but im very sorry to mr. yan because i had forgotten his birthday..sorry..sorry..very sorry..althought this year i cant celebrate v kfc but i m very happy v all ur wishes..thanks..

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